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Optical Path Converter

Package 1: Single plastic insert box (Cassette Type), can support all CWDM wavelengths, 1270-1610 
Package 2: 1U chassis, built-in multiple OPCs, from 1270 to 1610
    Hyoptic Optical Path Coverter (OPC) can provide a variety of transmission schemes in the 1270-1610nm range, and realize single-fiber transmission of up to 16 services, which can adapt to various optical fiber transmission schemes.
    Solution 1: Common CWDM SFP Dual Fiber Variable Single Fiber (OPC supports a single CWDM wavelength)

    Solution 2
    : 40G QSFP+ or 100G QSFP28 LC Dual Fiber Variable Single Fiber (OPC to support 1270-1340 range)

    Solution 3
    : Multiple OPCs are paired with WDM to achieve single-fiber transmission of up to 16 service volumes

    Solution 4
    : OPC should support several of the CWDM wavelength ranges

    For example, 5G base stations, OPC should support the 1270-1370 wavelength range.

    We can provide OPC maximum support range 1270-1610 range

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